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Nijjar’s Fatal Shooting Sheds Light on Un-stable Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

By Tylor Anderson   On Nov 15, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco, Minister Mary Ng stated that the resumption of trade talks with India hinges on their cooperation...


Please click here to sign the statement.    In the face of the urgent risk of losing the only two Chinese community social service centres in QuĂ©bec, the Chinese Family Services of Greater...

Jiang Kun’s foreign apprentice holding a red hand, after 20 years of gold in China, how is Dashan now?

He is a foreign cross talk actor who has appeared on the stage of our Spring Festival Gala. He is the apprentice of Jiang Kun, the master of cross talk, and was named one of the top ten outstanding...

AI Times: Human Voices Still Timeless

The popularity of ChatGPT, the artificial-intelligence platform launched by OpenAI recently, marks perhaps a new milestone in an AI era. When such an era comes, artificial intelligence is so easy to practise and produce artificial information that may lead or mislead human conversations in a good or bad temper. It also becomes so difficult to present and preserve natural truths that sometimes are covered or uncovered in the human history. Human being should not keep silence. Here comes the Voice and Bridge.

Presenting facts fairly and honestly.