January 15, 2024

Having embraced and even amplified the Trump-inspired ‘evil China’ narrative, Canada is now left holding the bag. Even worse, our ‘China Panic’ is having negative impacts on universities and military policy in Asia and the Pacific.  by John Price  https://youtu.be/EgqZ1h-qk9s China’s President Xi Jinping, left, and U.S. President Joe Biden, right, pictured Nov. 15, 2023, […]

The China panic: Canada left holding the bag Read More »

Other western countries face difficulties in their relations with China, Russia, or other powers, but none finds themselves in the same situation as Canada. — Jocelyn Coulon, former advisor to the minister of foreign affairs (2016-2017) in Le Devoir Click for PDF https://youtu.be/B77Y2QWDWR8 by John Price with the National Security Reference Group and Canadian Association

The Five Eyes and Canada’s ‘China Panic’: PART 1 – The Making of Canada’s “China Panic” and Diplomatic Fallout Read More »