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We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to reconsider its proposed Foreign Influence Transparency Registry. If current legislation is not adequate to deal with intimidation by foreign actors, the government should consider instead strengthening these laws. We do not believe, however, that a foreign influence registry will meaningfully address intimidation of

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This Petition is authorized and sponsored by Chandra Arya, a Liberal MP from Nepean, Ontario. Independent Senator Yuen Pau Woo of British Columbia contributed to the drafting of the Petition and is a strong supporter of the Petition, so as a Conservative Senator Victor Oh of Ontario. It is also supported by retired Senator Vivienne

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On April 5th, 2023, the core team members of HerPower Global Lady’s Club s visited YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association of Canada)’s office and donated $8888 CAD dedicated to YWCA’s Single Mother Housing Accommodation project. $8888 is an auspicious number in Chinese culture, a symbol of HerPower girls’ love and good wishes to the women

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Coquitlam Heritage Society is seeking members from the Chinese Canadian community who have connections to the history of the Chinese Head Tax, Chinese Exclusion Act, or early family history. If your family was affected by these early Immigration Acts, or if you have photos or documents from that time, we would love to speak with

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Through immigration and interracial marriage, the ethnic composition of Canada has changed considerably. Immigrants from nations where people are homogenous and share the same ethnicity and skin colour may not be conscious of the connection between ethnicity and skin colour in their new home in Canada. Those immigrants may seek explanations for the social inequalities

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Why do some Canadians bristle at the suggestion that recent reporting on foreign interference in our democracy encourages racism? Setting aside partisan point-scoring, let’s assume that the reason is an inability to see how genuine concern about foreign interference could be construed as racist. Revelations about foreign interference reported by the Globe and Mail and

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Canada-China Focus has released an Open Letter to the Right Honorable David Johnston, Independent Special Rapporteur on Foreign Interference, Government of Canada. The letter is now accessible for endorsement by individuals or organizations at https://forms.gle/5ftuh6WPGEqwBZMJ6   March 21, 2023 An Open Letter to the Right Honorable David Johnston, Independent Special Rapporteur, Government of Canada   We are deeply

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