Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Richmond, BC, Canada, and Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, a delightful instrumental performance marked the occasion.

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Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, the economic and cultural cooperation between Richmond and Qingdao persisted. The year 2023 witnessed a resurgence in their interactions, prompting the initiation of a monthly cultural exchange event from August onward. These events aimed to showcase the unique charm of the sister cities through diverse perspectives and themes.



On Nov 30,2023, a wonderful musical instrument, song and dance performance was held in Richmond. This is the fourth in a series of cultural activities to celebrate “Richmond-Qingdao Sister City”.

On November 30, 2023, the fourth cultural activity in the series unfolded in Richmond, featuring an enchanting musical instrument, song, and dance performance.



Mr . Han Changfu, one of the initiators of this event and executive president of the Canada Shandong Chinese Business Association, introduced the characteristics and significance of the series of activities to celebrate the 15th anniversary of sister cities, the economic and cultural development of Qingdao and Richmond, and the establishment of friendship between the two cities. Interactions after the city. Cultural exchange activities are held once a month and are divided into different themes. This month will focus on musical instrument performances. Let everyone enjoy different musical instruments and play different classics.Mr. Han Changfu, an event initiator and executive president of the Canada Shandong Chinese Business Association, shared insights into the significance of the 15th-anniversary celebrations, emphasizing the economic and cultural developments between Qingdao and Richmond.

The monthly cultural exchange activities, each revolving around distinct themes, highlighted various facets of the sister cities’ rich heritage. In the spotlight for that month were captivating musical instrument performances, allowing the audience to savor different classics played on diverse instruments.



Ms. Zheng Yan, president of the Canada Shandong Chinese Business Association, commended the friendly exchanges between Qingdao and Richmond, extending a warm invitation for everyone to explore the charm of Qingdao and Shandong, recognized as one of China’s most enchanting cities.



Ms. Liao Ziwei, President of Respon Financial Group and Honorary Lifetime President of CSCBA, expressed her support for the event, emphasizing the hope for increased exchanges and cooperation between the people of the two cities, contributing to the further improvement of China-Canada relations.



Congratulatory letters from Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, BC MLA Henry Yao, and other dignitaries affirmed and encouraged the sister-city celebrations, highlighting the importance of fostering strong ties between the two cities.



Liu Jintao, Shen Wen Class, Yu Jinying, Yang Cheng, Liu Zhenghou, and several others graced the stage with their performances in the folk music ensemble, presenting “Jiangnan Spring Morning,” “Uprooted Reed Flowers,” “Jasmine,” and “Flying on the Heavenly Road,” respectively. Accompanied by a live band, Huang Jie showcased her skills in the classic dances “Butterfly Lovers” and “Plum Blossom Fu.” Liu Xiangzhen and her team took the spotlight with a captivating model catwalk show titled “Daughter’s Love.” Axiu, Ahui, Axiao, and Aqing mesmerized the audience with a splendid rendition of the umbrella dance “Beauty in the Rain Alley.” The recommended “Blue Fragrance” big fan dance featured the talents of Zhu Jiyun, Guan Feng, and Hu Meixia from the Hongye Art Troupe. Mao Qiwei and Feng Huihua delivered an elegant two-person catwalk show titled “A Chic Walk.” The Pas de deux, “Indian Night,” showcased the graceful performance of Cai Xiuqin and Guan Yun. Captain Gao Jinming, leading the ever-strong Hunan Gong and Drum Band, infused energy into the festivities with a lively rendition of “Happy Yangko,” contributing to the joyous atmosphere of the celebration.



The conclusion of the fourth installment of Richmond-Qingdao sister city activities was marked by joyous singing and laughter. Anticipation fills the air as we eagerly anticipate the next gathering, looking forward to the prospect of seeing each other again.



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