For far too long, the stereotype “Asians are silent” has cast a shadow over Canada’s Chinese community. Compounded by a lack of seamless information exchange, certain media outlets harbor misconceptions, leading to inaccurate portrayals of the community.

In a bid to shatter the language barriers between communities and showcase a more authentic view of the Chinese community to the English-speaking world, Voices and Bridges is now live!

Emerging from the Chinese-speaking community and tailored for English readers, this website stands as a unique English media initiative launched by a Chinese-speaking community in Canada, a rarity in North America.

The mission of this platform is to disseminate diverse information about the Canadian Chinese community in English, giving voice to the community and enhancing communication between communities. The Chinese community, especially first and second-generation immigrants, is urged to “speak out and step out!”

The website features a myriad of content, including news updates, discussions on hot topics, insightful interviews, promotion of community events, business advertisements, introductions to Chinese culture, and recommendations for Chinese artistic works.

Your support is crucial for the website, and the community needs your helping hand! Sponsor Voices and Bridges, enabling a more accurate portrayal of Canada’s Chinese society!

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From grains of sand to towering structures, let's unite in spirit! Your involvement is a force multiplier, shaping a collective strength!