Richmond Concert In The Park | July 2, 2023

Equality and inclusivity were the main themes for Richmond’s second annual Summer Concerts in the Park event.



Hundreds turned out at Cambie Community Park on July 2, 2o23

(Photos and written by Valerie Leung, Richmond News)


Hundreds of people were at the event, organized by the Stop Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Advocacy Group, celebrating the day with a lion dance and diverse cultural performances as well as market stalls and activities at Cambie Community Park on July 2.

An anti-discrimination graphic design contest was also held and young artists received awards for their submissions to promote inclusivity.

Ivan Pak, organizer of the advocacy group, said the event’s theme was to remind people of the Chinese Immigration Act, which was enacted 100 years ago and excluded Chinese Canadians for 24 years before it was repealed in 1947.

The themes of diversity and inclusion were echoed by Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“Unfortunately, we’ve been through a pandemic and with the pandemic there were a number of racial incidents, particularly Anti-Chinese,” he said.

“That is not part of Richmond, that is not part of British Columbia and that is not part of Canada and we have to stand up and say that every time.”


The article was first published by the Richmond News

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