Wong’s Canadian Dream Came True and Shared with Many Others

Written by Yuqi Feng

Edited by Kenny Zhang


Many people come to Canada with a Canadian dream. Jason Wong is one of them. Wong, now vice president of Icanvision Immigration and Education Inc., has made Canada his home for 20 years. He pursued a diverse career from a lawyer’s assistant to a Translink mechanic, and now, an immigration consultant. His journey to Canada is fulfilling. 



A Teenage Dream Came True

Wong’s fascination with Canada began in his middle school days when he was flipping through geography books that showcased the country’s landscapes and reputation as one of the most livable places on Earth. He learned the country’s name – Canada. 

“I dreamed of visiting Vancouver from a very young age,” said Wong.

However, his journey to Canada began with a detour through New Zealand, where he pursued his education and worked as a lawyer’s assistant. Yet, as Wong and his wife kept exploring their career opportunities, they realized the potential of North America, a vast continent with a diverse population of over 300 million people, spanning three countries. Later, the couple made the decision to make Canada their new home.


Wong’s Perspective on Canada

Two decades into his Canadian adventure, three things have shaped Wong’s love for Canada.

The first one is all about safety and peace. Wong emphasizes Canada’s long-standing distance from global conflicts, dating back to World Wars I and II. He also credits strict gun control policies for this, which set Canada apart from its southern neighbor.

Next is multicultural harmony. He praises Canada’s dedication to multiculturalism in its laws, government policies, and daily life. Wong’s own experience backs this up, he’s experienced very little discrimination during his two decades in Canada. He values the friendships he’s made with people from all over the world and loves celebrating their festivals and holidays together.

The third one is education and individual freedom. Wong is a fan of how Canada respects people’s rights and interests, especially in its education system. He’s impressed by how Canada encourages individuals to pursue their passions and talents, which has led to countless inventions and global contributions.


A Passion for the Immigration industry

With a background in law and a passion for helping others, it’s no surprise that  Wong found his calling as an immigration consultant. 

“Sharing with your friends the best you have is interesting,” said Wong.

He now assists clients from various countries including China and Vietnam in achieving their Canadian dreams. He found the issue of integration often plagues newcomers. Wong offers practical advice, including improving English. He also encourages new immigrants to participate in community events to bridge the cultural gap and become an active part of Canadian society. 

“No matter our English level, if we want to be respected as a Canadian, we have to take responsibility, do more volunteer work, participate in elections, and respect others,” said Wong.

As Wong looks to the future, he sees continued growth in Canada’s immigration trends and patterns. Regardless of political changes, Canada’s demand for immigrants remains strong. Wong believes more people will choose Canada for studying or living, making it even more renowned as one of the best places in the world. 



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