Discrimination and Inequity to Chinese Language Group at Langara College

by Tianming Li and other 2 Chinese instructors


I am writing to draw your attention to a case of discrimination and inequity in the Chinese language instruction group at Langara College.

I am currently employed as a Chinese instructor in the Department of Modern Languages at Langara College. During the pandemic, all modern language courses have experienced a decline in student enrollment. The college continues to provide support to all other language groups, while the Chinese language group suffers from unequal and discriminatory treatment.

Specifically, 16 Chinese class sections have been permanently canceled, and two instructors have been laid off. Although other language groups also suffered temporary section loss in the last few years, different standards have been applied to canceling Chinese courses.

These incidents have raised serious concerns about racial discrimination and potential violations of human rights.
To ensure equal treatment and fairness within our academic community and the society at large, I believe that this matter deserves further attention and investigation. I am eager to engage in a more detailed discussion regarding these issues and their implications.



You can reach out to Dr. Li at tianmingli1026@gmail.com.



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