HerPower’s Gesture of Love to the Community

On April 5th, 2023, the core team members of HerPower Global Lady’s Club s visited YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association of Canada)’s office and donated $8888 CAD dedicated to YWCA’s Single Mother Housing Accommodation project. $8888 is an auspicious number in Chinese culture, a symbol of HerPower girls’ love and good wishes to the women in need within Canada and worldwide.

HerPower team donated a cheque of $8888 CAD to YWCA

HerPower is a non-profit organization founded by seven female entrepreneurs across different business fields, dedicated to helping women to study, work and settle in Canada. Excelled in their respective fields, each HerPower member has been leading their project to help women in need. One of their primary objectives is to donate 50,000 CAD to YWCA within three years.

At this moment, HerPower girls are halfway to their goal. Last year at HerPower’s annual event: “Herfair Flea Market for Mother’s Day Celebration,” on May 14th, HerPower team raised $11588 CAD for YWCA. More than 50 families and 20 companies brought their used items to the market and donated the revenue to YWCA.

According to the leader of HerPower, their main missions have two focuses. Firstly, they would like to help women and vulnerable groups with special needs. Besides supporting single mothers in Vancouver, HerPower helped to fundraise for women with breast cancers during the “Spring Bikini Ski Event of 2022” and for Canuck Place Children Hospice in “2023 New Year Concert in Vancouver”. Last winter, they have also delivered 500 meals to homeless in collaboration with Beauty Vision Society.

Secondly, HerPower ladies would like to help women to learn and succeed professionally as well as personally. At “HerPower 2022 Annual Celebration: 2022 Outstanding Women Award Ceremony”, they launched the campaign of “Helping 100 Women to Start Business and Become Employed”, giving women career opportunities as well as systemized training. HerPower Global Lady’s Club has also founded a sub-union: HerPower Global Lady’s Club – International Student Association, motivating international students overseas to mutually support, learn and grow together. HerPower hosts free training, career development seminars each month, helping students to succeed and plan their careers at an earlier age. Over the past two years, hundreds of members and volunteers have joined HerPower Global Lady’s Club and HerPower International Student Association. Members get together every two weeks through innovative activities, sharing love and events in life.

With many years ahead to work towards their goal help women and the society, HerPower girls will keep going in their efforts, spread love and positive energy to the world.


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