Interview with Sawsan A. Habbal, Honorary Consul General of Syria in Vancouver

Three weeks ago, a severe earthquake struck southeastern Turkey near the Syrian border, drawing global attention to post-earthquake aid. We interviewed Ms. Sawsan Habbal, the Honorary Consul General of Syria in Vancouver. According to Consul General Sawsan, since the U.S. and Canada closed the Syrian embassies in both countries in 2012, the Canadian Consulate General in Montreal was also closed in 2016. The Syrian Honorary Consulate General in Vancouver is currently the only honorary consulate general in all North America that is recognized by the diplomatic services of both Syria and Canada and provides services accordingly.

During the interview, Ms. Sawsan Habbal explained that the earthquake that occurred 3 weeks ago in Turkey has had a huge impact on Syria, especially in the northwestern and central parts of the country, where more than three million refugees have been displaced. Because of years of war and international sanctions, it is difficult for relief and all kinds of supplies to reach Syria after the earthquake. The Canadian government has also failed to open international relief channels and related policies to Syria.

Ms. Sawsan Habbal appreciates the interest of the Chinese Canadian community, but since there are no direct flights from Canada to Syria, it is difficult for supplies to reach the affected areas. Consul General suggests that if anyone would like to donate to the victims in Syria, please donate to the following designated church:

The interview video please watch: Vancouver Chinese Radio