Jiang Kun’s foreign apprentice holding a red hand, after 20 years of gold in China, how is Dashan now?

He is a foreign cross talk actor who has appeared on the stage of our Spring Festival Gala. He is the apprentice of Jiang Kun, the master of cross talk, and was named one of the top ten outstanding youths in Beijing. Once made a huge contribution to the cultural exchanges between China and Canada, as Jiang Kun’s most proud foreign apprentice, how is Dashan, which was once a smash hit, now? 


Dashan was born in Canada and took modern Chinese as an elective after entering university. His Chinese teacher translated Dashan’s English name into a Chinese name, Lu Shiwei. During the learning process, Lu Shiwei was also deeply attracted by Chinese culture and history and began to major in Chinese. With his own efforts, he became a top student in the school. After graduating from university, she won a full scholarship with excellent grades. At the same time, Lu Shiwei was also selected for the exchange program of exchange scholars between China and Canada. Fortunately, he came to Peking University to study Chinese as an exchange student.

In 1989, Ding Guangquan was rehearsing the skit at the New Year’s Day party. The skit needed the help of a foreign friend. After someone got to know it, he recommended Lu Shiwei. After the audition, Mr. Ding Guangquan was very satisfied with Lu Shiwei, a thief foreigner who speaks Chinese. This is how Lu Shiwei stepped onto the stage of the New Year’s Party.



Lu Shiwei played Xu Dashan on the stage. What was unexpected to everyone was that this sketch that joined foreign performances received a very good response, and the name of Dashan became a household name overnight. This sketch made Dashan popular at night. It just so happened that Jiang Kun was also watching the performance under the stage at that time. It was this performance that made Dashan gain Jiang Kun’s appreciation and became Jiang Kun’s proud disciple.

Dashan began to learn about cross talk systematically. After several years of precipitation, Dashan has made rapid progress! Jiang Kun also took great care of Dashan. He not only gave him a lot of money, but also took Dashan to perform all over the country. Dashan is also the first foreign comedian in China. Under Jiang Kun’s support, Dashan has also obtained a lot of resources.

In 1990, Da Shan followed the team to perform in Liaoning, and met Chinese girl Gan Lin. The two of them met as they did, and soon got together.



In 1993, the two entered the palace of marriage. Soon after they got married, the wife gave birth to children for Dashan.

In 1991, after graduating from Peking University, he came to the Canadian Embassy in China as an assistant and made a lot of contributions to the cultural exchanges between China and Canada.

In 1998, Dashan staged the Spring Festival Gala for the first time. He and Pan Changjiang teamed up to complete a sketch. The figure of Dashan gradually appeared in variety shows on CCTV and various local channels, and successively appeared in many excellent film and television works, such as the story of court painter Lang Shining and the editorial department. Dashan’s career has reached its peak, and Dashan at this time can be described as a double harvest in China’s love career.



In fact, the fate of Dashan and China starts from the grandfather’s generation. Da Shan’s grandfather was a Chinese. During the War of Resistance, he practiced medicine in China. For this reason, Da Shan wanted to find his roots in China. Later, with the help of various media reporters, Dashan found Shangqiu, and he was also named the ambassador of the ancient city of Shangqiu. At this time, Dashan was not only a crosstalk performer, but also a friendly messenger of exchanges between the two countries.

In 1998, he was voted as one of the most influential foreigners. This shows that Dashan was indeed very popular in China at that time.

In 2006, Canada also awarded him the Medal of Canada, which is Canada’s highest personal achievement award, in recognition of his contribution to cultural exchanges between the two countries.



During the Beijing Olympics, Da Shan served as a cultural consultant. At the World Expo in Winter, Dashan became the general representative of Canada again, and came to China to participate in the exhibition. At this time, Dashan seemed to have achieved fame. After gaining fame, he began to involve in various fields, whether it was a drama talk show or a talent show, Dashan can be seen everywhere.

In 2015, he set up his own talk show “Da Shan Kan Da Shan”. After the show was launched, it was quickly welcomed by the audience. It can be said that Dashan has made a lot of money in the past 20 years in China.



But in recent years, it seems that we rarely see Dashan on the screen, which cannot help but make the audience very curious. Many of them have speculated that Dashan has already made enough money in China, so there is no need to continue to perform. Some people think that in the era of the rise of cross talk in the Deyun Society, Dashan’s cross talk is no longer popular with young people.

In fact, most of Dashan’s original funny stalks used the cultural differences between China and the West to create misunderstandings, which led to laughter. At that time, Chinese people were also generally new to foreigners, and they were naturally very interested in this kind of laughter. . However, with the development of the times, more foreigners come to China to learn culture, so people naturally take no surprises for foreigners. Therefore, many of the burdens of Dashan are inevitably outdated. Times are constantly changing. Today’s young people, as long as they talk about cross talk, they must think of Guo Degang or Deyun Club. Deyun Club even occupies the young people’s market, so the decline of the mountain’s popularity is also inevitable.



Although foreign culture is not so novel in China now, with the rise of China, Chinese culture has also become popular abroad, and now Dashan is more enthusiastic about spreading Chinese culture to foreign friends. He has also been on the show. The above said that his English is not very good, because when he speaks English, it makes people feel less funny, more like the official language of cultural ambassadors, and his specialty is to introduce the splendid Chinese culture to Westerners.

Now Dashan will also interact with his fans on social platforms. In 2019, Da Shan talked about a stand-up comedy on the stage of the Chinese Spring Festival Gala. The familiar burden and familiar content also evoked the memories of countless people.



As Jiang Kun’s favorite foreign apprentice, Da Shan has indeed lived up to expectations. In the 20 years in China, he has made a lot of money, and his love career has a double harvest. But with the development of the times and the rise of the Deyun Society, Dashan has gradually disappeared from our vision. In any case, Dashan has made outstanding contributions to the cultural exchanges between China and Canada. He is better than those who have earned China. The amount of money still slanders China’s foreigners is hundreds of times stronger.



The article was first published by the iNews.



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