Okanagan Racist Attacked Chinese Canadian Woman with Heavy Chest Punch


 by Yuqi Feng


On November 5, 51-year-old Huiping Hu was attacked by a racist in Okanagan, resulting in both physical injuries and deep psychological trauma.

Accompanied by a UBC Okanagan student, Hu went to inspect a secondhand car listed on Facebook Marketplace. Upon discovering damages on the vehicle’s body, Hu negotiated with the seller, who reacted with anger and shouted racial slurs at her.


(Hu provided a map photo outlining the location of the attack)


Hu recounted, “He yelled at me, ‘You immigrants go back to your country. This is my Canada.'”

In a fit of rage, the seller physically attacked Hu, delivering a forceful punch to her chest, resulting in a visible bruise. Unable to stand steadily, Hu returned to her car with the UBC Okanagan student and promptly called the police. The police have filed a case and are investigating the attack as a racially motivated crime. However, after the incident, the seller changed his username and disappeared from Facebook.

“His height is around 173cm. He is a white male originally from Quebec,” disclosed Hu. Following the assault, Hu sought medical attention at two local clinics, expressing, “I have lived in Canada for 17 years, and yet I never expected to encounter such a severe incident of racial discrimination. My chest hurt badly, and I could barely breathe,” while awaiting medical attention at a local clinic.

The attack has not only impacted her physically but has also had profound effects on her mental well-being. “I don’t feel safe as a Canadian now. I have started to fear all white people. I am traumatized,” Hu revealed. Her doctor has recommended that Hu seek the assistance of a psychologist to cope with the emotional aftermath of the attack.

“Thanks for the police arriving on time. I hope they could bring the offender to justice,” expressed Hu, who believes she is not only speaking out for herself but also giving a voice to minority communities. “I love this country, and I hope all minority people could be protected from racism.”



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