“Opening Celebration and Blessing”: Happy Sailing in 2024

Richmond – Qingdao Friendship City Cultural Event: The sixth event in the Richmond-Qingdao Sister City Series

In late January 2024, the “Opening Celebration and Blessing” New Year’s Eve event unfolded in Richmond, orchestrated by the Canada Shandong Chinese Business Association and the Canada Youth Union Foundation. This gathering signifies the sixth installment in a series of cultural activities commemorating the “Richmond—-Qingdao Friendly City” relationship.

Mr. Han Changfu, a key advocate for fostering friendly city celebrations and the Executive Director of the Canada Shandong Chinese Business Association, provided insight into the 15 years of cultural and economic exchanges between the two cities. The monthly cultural exchange activities have evolved into regular community events, with this month’s theme centred around welcoming the Chinese Lunar New Year under the banner of “Sending Blessings.”

Ms. Du Juan, a director of the Canada Shandong Chinese Business Association, residing in both Qingdao and Richmond, conveyed warm blessings to the ongoing friendly exchanges between the two cities. She expressed hopes that these interactions would lead to more business opportunities for the people in both places.

Member of Parliament Wilson Miao, along with his assistant, swiftly arrived at the scene to deliver a congratulatory letter. Representing the Richmond constituency, Miao, intimately familiar with the city, emphasized the significance of community sentiments. He fully acknowledged the economic and cultural exchanges flourishing between Richmond and Qingdao.

BC MLA Henry Yao and BC MLA Teresa Wat also extended their congratulations through heartfelt letters.

Additionally, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie and School Trustee Alice Wong conveyed their best wishes via email and messages. The event was further enriched by captivating performances of cultural and artistic programs.

The “Opening Celebration and Blessing” event, marking the sixth installment in the Richmond-Qingdao Sister City Series, concluded with resounding success, immersed in the delightful echoes of laughter and song.



  • Canada Shandong Chinese Business Association
  • Canada Youth Union Foundation

Hosted by:

  • Canada Performance and Recitation Arts Society

Coordinated by:

  • Vancouver Red Leaf Art Troupe

Supported by:

  • Canadian Youth Union Foundation



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