Racism against Chinese and East Asian people is under-reported.

by Dannie Fan at Maple Lotus Times

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Despite a significant surge in documented hate crimes, it is speculated that a considerable number of such incidents go unreported to law enforcement. Additionally, a substantial portion of these occurrences are in the form of online hate crimes.

Several factors contribute to the underreporting of anti-Asian hate crimes, including:

  • Distrust of the government and law enforcement
  • Skepticism about addressing online hate, which is often harder to report and identify the perpetrators.
  • Fear of reporting
  • The cultural inclination among East Asians to maintain a low profile and avoid causing disturbances.

Unfortunately, many hate crimes against Chinese and other East Asian people are also under-reported in the media and overlooked by society. Furthermore, the number of Chinese and East Asians working in the media is low and therefore their voices underrepresented, leaving the chances of Sinophobia/Sinophobic attacks being covered very slim.’

Furthermore, the number of Chinese and East Asians working in the media is low, and therefore, their voices are underrepresented, leaving the chances of Sinophobic attacks being covered very slim.



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