Royal Commonwealth 2022-23 Writing and Public Speaking Contests

Dear students:

In commemoration of Her Majesty The Queen’s record breaking Platinum Jubilee and to honour her legacy, we will hold our annual contest this year in celebration of these themes.

Her Majesty the Queen was Queen for 70 1/2 years, and was the symbol of her age. Seventy years is a long time. Much has changed and much has stayed the same.

Discuss this 70 year milestone. You may choose to revisit or re-examine the past 70 years and some of the positive and not so positive outcomes which we have seen these past 70 years. You can look back, you can analyse the world of today through a 70 year looking glass, or you can project 70 years into the future and explain what you think the world will look like.

We will be accepting essays on this topic and it will also form the basis for our Public Speaking contest.


Royal Commonwealth Society of Mainland BC

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