Business exchanges to promote cooperation

Richmond – Qingdao Friendship City Cultural Event 

The recent “Qingdao—Richmond” friendly cooperation city eighth celebration event, hosted by the Qilu Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Canada, was held in Richmond. The theme of this event was “Business Exchange, Promoting Cooperation.” Many entrepreneurs and business people from Qingdao and Shandong participated in this event. They also visited member units of the Qilu Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

One of the initiators of this event, Han Changfu, the Executive President of the Qilu Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Canada, hosted the event. He said: “For the Qingdao—Richmond Friendship City commemoration, we have reached the eighth session. The theme of this session is ‘Business Exchange, Promoting Cooperation.’ In Canada, there are many business people from Qingdao and Shandong. In the chill of economic development, whether they are involved in trade, real estate, finance, food, transportation, or other fields, they shine in their areas of expertise. Today, we all came together to visit and exchange ideas at the board member unit of the Qilu General Chamber of Commerce—Canadian HESCA Biotech Inc. In the future, we can arrange a time to specifically go to Qingdao for business visits and cooperation.”

Zheng Yan, the President of the Qilu Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Canada, said in her speech: “The Qilu Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Canada is a comprehensive business platform primarily focused on ‘business.’ It has provided various information for the board members and chamber members in terms of business exchanges and business opportunities. It has also hosted several Sino-Canadian economic and trade delegations, promoting economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between various parties. I hope everyone benefits greatly from this platform, and you are also welcome to present your own projects, brainstorm, and promote cooperation.”

Dr. Li, the president of Canadian HESCA Biotech Inc., first introduced the company’s development status, its main areas of work, and its future prospects. HESCA primarily focuses on detecting human heavy metals, testing blood, cleaning blood, cultivating stem cells, annotating stem cells, and storing stem cells. Its equipment is imported from Germany, and its construction scale and laboratory conditions are among the best in Canada. Afterwards, he also led everyone on a tour of the laboratory, injection area, and storage room.

At the meeting, several entrepreneurs introduced their respective industries and engaged in questions and interactions regarding Dr. Li’s topics. After the meeting, some individuals also participated in blood testing to measure their own heavy metal levels.

On the same day, the Secretary-General of the Qilu General Chamber of Commerce, some Vice Presidents, and directors participated in the event and engaged in in-depth exchanges.

The “Richmond—Qingdao” sister city celebration event has become a staple in the Richmond community. From initial cultural exchanges to the current focus on business exchanges, the Qilu Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Canada is working with Qingdao and Shandong residents living locally to promote Chinese culture in Richmond and North America, helping the local community understand the development of Qingdao and China. Now, business exchange events are becoming the highlight of friendly interactions between the two cities, marking an innovative approach by the Qilu General Chamber of Commerce. It is hoped that in the near future, the Qilu Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Canada will lead a delegation to Qingdao for business and cultural visits and inspections, to foster all possible cooperation.

It is reported that the Qilu Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Canada is arranging a large-scale “Business Exchange Meeting” during the ninth “Qingdao-Richmond” celebration event scheduled for late April. They plan to have 20 companies showcase their products, introduce their business projects, and present their company cultures, in preparation for a future visit to Qingdao.


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