Language School of Chinese Cultural Center of Vancouver Held Its Summer Meeting

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On August 26th, the Chinese Language School of Cultural Centre hosted its annual summer meeting in Vancouver Chinatown. This gathering brought together almost 100 attendees, including teachers, students, parents, and volunteers. It also serves as a celebration of the end of the 2023 Chinese school summer camp. 

It started with a meeting for teachers at 11:00 a.m., led by Principal Tima Tao. Tao elaborated on the successes achieved during the summer camp and objectives for the coming year. Teachers shared their insights and methodology with each other. 


(Principal Tao and teachers of the Chinese Language School)


The chairman of the Chinese Cultural Center, Fred Kwok, delivered a speech that underscored the school’s mission and expressed gratitude to the teachers and volunteers for their role in propagating Chinese culture.

Attendees were treated to an all-you-can-eat barbecue at noon. A poetry performance was presented by the Chinese Languages School students, demonstrating their progress to the audience.


“I see the students getting better every day, and that motivates me to keep working here.”, said Joyce Yu, a teacher at the Chinese School.


The Chinese Cultural Centre Chinese School of Greater Vancouver offers more than 300 classes in Cantonese or Mandarin nowadays. Established in 1981, it aims to share Chinese culture and the importance of different cultures coming together. It consistently attracts volunteers in recent years.


“I joined some Chinese Language camps when I was young. I learned a lot and made friends. Now I want to give back and contribute to the Chinese Language School’s growth,” said Vivian Chen, a 17-year-old volunteer from Richmond.



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