The video of the member of Canadian parliament Chandra Arya recognizing Chinese Freemasons of Canada on its 160th anniversary


“I wish to congratulate the Chinese Freemasons of Canada on its 160th anniversary. In the 1800s, tens of thousands of Chinese arrived in Canada to work on railroads, forestry and gold mines. They played a crucial role in Canada’s nation-building. Separated from their families, they worked under harsh conditions. In 1885 they built Ge Hing, now a Canadian National Historic Site. Chinese Freemasons of Canada provided immigrants a support system and allowed them to pay homage to their ancestors. It also mediated disputes. I wish to recognize and thank the long services of Ottawa-residents 92-year-old Mr. Bing Chan, 91-year-old Mrs. Yim Han Fong, grandmaster Lap-Chun (Sunny) Law from Toronto, and grandmaster Fred Ying Wah Kwok from Vancouver and the current national chair Albert Tang.”


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