Findings paint a deeply concerning picture of society’s ongoing struggles with racism and hate, says report Authors of a new report on anti-Asian hate say their findings are an urgent call to action to address hate crimes, violence, and discrimination. Written by the Stop Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Advocacy Group Association of Canada, the report looks

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The fact that great proportions of Chinese Canadians voted the same way as Beijing liked does not mean they were puppets. Casting that independent decision by many as a mindless action at a foreign government’s bidding is an insult to our intelligence.  By Andi Shi  https://youtu.be/uHGr4YYfDmA The interim report on foreign interference in federal elections

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National newspapers are overlooking a hot issue in their coverage of former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu’s loss in the 2021 election. By Charlie Smith Vancouver journalist Ng Weng Hoong has written a devastating analysis of the Canadian media’s coverage of foreign interference in elections. The title of the piece, “The Convergence of Sinophobia and Sinofascism

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An Analysis of Victim Cases Reported to the Hotline 1-2-3 About “Hotline 1-2-3” The “Hotline 1-2-3” refers to a toll-free telephone line, 1-877-912-3123. It was set up by the Stop Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Advocacy Group Association of Canada in response to growing concerns about anti-Asian discrimination and hate violence in the wake of the COVID-19

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As tensions with China rise, scientists at America’s leading universities complain of stalled research after crackdown at airports By Amy Hawkins   Stopped at the border, interrogated on national security grounds, laptops and mobile phones checked, held for several hours, plans for future research shattered. Many western scholars are nervous about travelling to China in

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VIEW PDF   Dear Commissioner: Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission in response to the April 2024 hearings. I would like to express my gratitude to the Commission for the care and diligence that has been put into the Inquiry, and for the professionalism with which your team has conducted itself. Canadians

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Students reported being excluded from group work, bullied about food at lunch hour and targeted for rough treatment during phys-ed. By Brock University   From slurs to stereotypes, Brock University expert Dan Cui has found that today’s young Chinese Canadians report forms of racial discrimination in every aspect of their lives. “The racism experienced by

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Affordable air travelling is often framed as more than just an expedition convenience or economic necessity—it is increasingly seen as a fundamental human right. by Ban Zhang   A recent online petition having collected nearly 14,000 signatories sheds new light on a four-year-old challenge that undermines some Canadians’ air travel rights. The petition was started

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