“Chinese Elements”: Chinese Spring Festival event in Richmond

Richmond – Qingdao Friendship City Cultural Event

The Chinese Spring Festival in Richmond, known for its distinctive “Chinese Elements,” took place in the Thompson community centre in Richmond on the early days of February 2024. This event, jointly organized by the Canadian Shandong Chinese Business Association and the Vancouver Red Leaf Art Troupe, marked the seventh cultural activity under the Richmond-Qingdao Friendship City initiative.

Hosted by Kitty Chen and Han Changfu, one of the initiators and the Executive President of the Canadian Shandong Chinese Business Association, emphasized in his speech, “The dragon is one of the totems of Chinese culture.” With over 51% of the population being of Chinese descent in Richmond, the city boasts a vibrant display of Chinese elements, from a variety of Chinese products to numerous Chinese restaurants. In the spirit of the Year of the Dragon, Han Changfu encouraged everyone to joyfully participate and contribute to the Chinese New Year celebration, showcasing the brilliance of Chinese culture in Canada’s diverse multicultural landscape.

Zhu Xinlei, the Director of the Vancouver Red Leaf Art Troupe, expressed gratitude in her speech for the development of the art troupe over the past decade. Nearly 30 programs were prepared for the evening, with a focus on presenting a colourful and distinctive cultural celebration.

Henry Yao, MLA of the BC Provincial Legislature, conveyed blessings on behalf of the Premier, wishing everyone a spirited, healthy, and joyful Chinese Lunar New Year. He commended the community’s efforts in organizing various cultural activities to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Richmond-Qingdao Friendship City, presenting a congratulatory letter on the spot.

Honorary President of the Canadian Chinese Writers’ Association, He Xian, praised the series of celebration activities for Friendship City and commended the actors for their enthusiastic rehearsals and lively performances.

Li Peng, Secretary-General of the Canadian Shandong Chinese Business Association, highlighted the cultural activities between Qingdao and Richmond, emphasizing their role in enriching leisure activities and fostering communication and interaction between individuals. He expressed the desire for his parents and in-laws, who are currently in the area, to actively participate.

Mr. Parm Bains sent his assistant to the event and presented a congratulatory letter, extending best wishes for the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration with “Chinese Elements” in the Richmond community.

MLA Teresa Wat also sent a congratulatory letter conveying her blessings.

In his congratulatory letter, Richmond City Councilor and Acting Mayor, Chak Au, wished for the successful culmination of the “Chinese Elements” Spring Festival celebration in the Year of the Dragon.

The evening featured the creation of Han Changfu, “Deep Affection Between China and Canada,” recited by Bobo and Han Changfu, expressing profound feelings towards both their home country and their current place of residence. Emphasizing the importance of friendly Sino-Canadian relations in promoting economic, trade, and cultural exchanges, they highlighted the significance of fostering amicable interactions between the people of both regions.

The splendid artistic performances allowed the audience to experience the joyous celebrations of the Year of the Dragon and appreciate the charm of Chinese culture.

The monthly “Richmond-Qingdao” Friendship City celebration has become a staple in the Richmond community, bringing a vibrant array of programs and festive blessings for the Lunar New Year.  The seventh edition of the event concluded on a high note.

Organizers: Canada Shandong Chinese Business Association, Vancouver Red Leaf Art Troupe

Host: Canada Performance and Recitation Arts Society

Co-organizer: Zhang Haiyan Dance Art Association

Supporters: Yuping Fashion Model Team, Mele Community Dance Troupe, Nanben Nabi Choir, Tang Xian Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Center, Greater Vancouver Friendship Association, Canadian Youth Union Association.


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